ISPM Service is an authorized representative of the German company STELA Laxhuber GmbH, which is specialized in drying technologies.
Since the production of the first feed-and-turn dryer in 1967, STELA has developed into a leading and globally active industrial company in the field of drying system construction.
Field of application: from agriculture, food industry and energy technology through to disposal engineering.
Technology leader in energy-efficient drying
Across the world, too many outdated drying systems are still in use. The result is high energy consumption. Even the “low” values are still 1.5 kWh or even 2.0 kWh per kg of evaporated water. By contrast, most of our systems have a peak low-power consumption of less than 1.0 kWh/kg. We have made it our goal to implement this in all our systems and to develop it even further – if you take into account the condensation heat of the most advanced belt dryers, a value as low as 0.4 kWh/kg is even possible.


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