ISPM-Service is an authorized representative of the Finnish company BMH Technology Oy, which is specialized in turnkey deliveries of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production plants and solid fuel handling systems for power plants and cement kilns. We do it all: design, build, install, service. Delivery of comprehensive turnkey installations worldwide is guaranteed by our experience and know-how. We have the latest technology to meet the increasing demands for quality and availability, and for environmental, operational and maintenance requirements
Waste to Fuel
TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste to Fuel solution turns waste to profit with high availability and low production costs. All equipment operate together intelligently by high level of automation to optimize production capacity and fuel quality. All Waste to Fuel solutions of BMH Technology are customized according to the infeed material and specified fuel quality.
Biomass Fuel Handling
Biomass Fuel Handling Solution is customized to fit the requirements of Power Plants. Solutions by BMH Technology are made with long experience and deep know-how. Therefore they are highly reliable and at the same time representing latest technology with high level of automation. Biomass Fuel Handling solutions consist of receiving and biomass crushing, screening, metal separation, over-sized crushing, sample taking, storage, conveying and feeding systems, all delivered for the required scope and layout.
Waste to Flame
Waste to Flame solution is designed especially to meet the needs of Cement Kilns for recovered fuels production and handling. The turn-key solution includes the complete process from receiving waste to feeding it to the kiln. In Waste to Flame solution BMH Technology’s knowledge of fuel handling and technology of waste processing are combined together as efficient and reliable process solution.
Waste to Electricity
Waste to Electricity solution is customized to fit the requirements of Power Plants for production and handling of Solid Recovered Fuel. The solutions include it all: from receiving the waste until boiler feeding and ash handling. Solid Recovered Fuel produced by TYRANNOSAURUS® Waste to Electricity process has optimum particle size and quality for fluid bed boiler combustion. BMH Technology's continuous product development and over 40 years of experience on supplying fuel handling solutions for power plants, enables us to design and deliver customized solutions to fit individual needs of each Power Plant.
The Bioflame® solution is designed to meet tighter environmental regulations and to increase the share of bio fuels and recovered fuels in energy production in existing pulverized coal boilers. The process equipment are designed to meet tight safety and environmental standards. With the Bioflame® process solution power plants are able to decrease their dependency on coal with reasonable investment cost.


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